Can you carry a gun in your car in the Country (California)? All your questions answered

Did you know there are more than 400 million guns owned by people within the United States? Although it is legal to have a firearm inside one’s home, everyone knows how to keep firearms in their cars without violating the law. This is especially true for California.

Can you carry a gun in your car in this state?

Let’s review the information you need about California laws regarding guns and how they will apply to you.

Can you carry a gun in your Car?

In California, it is unlawful to carry a firearm loaded inside your vehicle unless you have a permit issued for it. The only exception is when it is not loaded and safely stored inside the vehicle away from the driver or any other person who is in the car. If you don’t possess any license the gun should be locked inside the trunk or in another secure container.

In addition, you are not able to transport firearms between states without a valid permit and it is unlawful to transport firearms across borders. Unfortunately many road rage-related incidents include firearms.

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How Do I Get My concealed carry permit?

In California, you can obtain a concealed carry permit after satisfying certain requirements.

They include having to be a minimum of 21 years old, having completed a firearms safety training course, as well as having passed a thorough background screening. In addition, the law will require you to demonstrate morality and character, which includes having no recent convictions or criminal proceedings.

After you’ve completed all the requirements and cleared your background screening, it is possible to apply for the permit to carry concealed with the law enforcement department in your area. The process could take as long as two months so, make sure to prepare in advance.

What else do you need to know about California Gun Laws?

To legally buy guns in California you must be at the age of 21 and possess a valid ID to prove your age.

In addition, you have to sign a form and submit a background screening via the Department of Justice.

Also, you must be aware that it’s illegal to own certain firearms or firearm accessories in California which includes assault rifles, machine guns, and silencers. In addition, it is not permitted to purchase ammunition on the internet or via any other delivery service. These are only available through an authorized dealer.

Remember that it is unlawful to carry guns in any public space, including parks, schools, or other places specifically regulated by the law.

Do not forget these laws                      

It is essential to be aware of the possibility of carrying firearms in your vehicle in California. These guidelines will make sure that you don’t get into any problems you could have been dealing with.

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